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Assessment preparation

On this page, you will find all the information and documents you need to prepare for an assessment at In Good Company.

Preparing for the interview

During the interview, all the results of the assessment will be discussed with you. You will receive feedback, and together with you, the assessor will try to pinpoint what your talents, pitfalls, and challenges are. To understand this thoroughly, we use the core quadrant model. In your preparation, you can already think about your core quadrant. Watch the video for a detailed explanation of the model.

Bridge Personality

This questionnaire has no right or wrong answers; it focuses on your personal preferences. The results will be discussed with you during the interview. Here are a few important pointers for a smooth completion:

▪ Complete the questionnaire alone in a quiet room. The questionnaire begins with extensive instructions. The more thoroughly you read these instructions, the more reliable the results will be.

▪ Avoid distractions. Turn off your cell phone and/or smart watch, and keep only your Internet browser open, closing other applications.

▪ Ensure that the pop-up blocker is turned off in your browser.


Read the instruction for the Bridge Personality questionnaire.
Read the instruction for answering the questionnaire from a new browser here.

Bridge Ability Suite

This ability test consists of three parts: abstract, numerical and verbal. Each test takes exactly 17 minutes. Your answers and scores will be compared with a norm group. You can prepare for this section by practicing similar tests on websites such as 123test.nl. It's important to note that practice is primarily useful for getting used to the thinking process. The tests during the actual assessment may appear different from those during practice.


Read the instruction for the abstract test.
Read the instruction for the numerical test.
Read the instruction for the verbal test.

Career Values (Drivers) Questionnaire

The Career Values questionnaire is a personality questionnaire thatidentifies the factors motivating an individual in their work. Career values include personal characteristics that contribute to one's experience of certain tasks as motivating. This questionnaire explores three categories of career values: primary and secondary motivators, along with potential demotivators.

There are no right or wrong answers in this questionnaire; it's all about your personal preferences.

Quinn Management Roles Questionnaire

The Quinn Management Roles Questionnaire provides insight into your preference for certain management roles. It becomes clear how these roles relate to the management activities in the current position. Quinn's theory identifies eight different and sometimes opposing roles that a manager must fulfill to lead effectively. According to this theory, a manager must master all eight management roles to be an effective manager. The insights from this questionnaire can serve as a starting point for enhancing management effectiveness.

As with other questionnaires, there are no right or wrong answers; it’s all about your personal preferences.

Psychometric Game Barista

The game 'Barista' is about recognizing facial expressions to measure emotion perception, which is the ability to notice and identify emotions. This psychometric game lets you show your skills in an exciting virtual environment. The evaluation is based on measurable performance, ensuring fairness and accuracy while reducing the chance of giving socially desirable answers.

In the game, you are a barista who needs to serve customers the right drink as quickly as possible. You must recognize the customer's emotion and choose the cup that matches that emotion. Then, you prepare and serve the drink. At first, there are only a few customers, but it gets busier over time.

TMA Talent Questionnaire

The TMA Talent Analysis identifies 22 drives, 44 talents and 53 competencies. This positive, non-judgmental analysis provides insight into drivers, talents, culture, and competencies. Completing the questionnaires takes approximately 60 minutes. It's important to note that there are no right or wrong answers; it’s all about your motives and talents. You will answer 312 multiple-choice questions online, and the questionnaire is not timed.

The TMA Capacity Analysis

The Capacity Analyses of the TMA Method provide a good perspective on a candidate's intellectual level, serving as a predictor of performance in jobs requiring abstract thinking and quick understanding. The norm groups for the TMA Analyses are scientifically compared every two years with norm groups at middle and higher levels.

The Logical Figurative Understanding analysis consists of 15 questions. In this analysis, the candidate is presented with a series of figures or matrices per question, each following a certain logic that the candidate must identify.

The Logical Numerical Understanding analysis consists of 26 series of numbers arranged according to a specific pattern. The candidate must understand that the systematic changes in numbers can occur through addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Sometimes, two or more of these operations co-occur in a sequence. The sequence always continues with one number.

The Logical Language Understanding analysis consists of 20 questions. In this analysis, the candidate is shown a combination of two words per question that are logically related. Additionally, a third word is shown, and the candidate must find a fourth word that relates to the third word in the same way as the first pair of words. These are language analogies.

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